Plains plans to construct Lines 901R and 903R to replace the existing Lines 901 and 903, which have remained shut down since 2015. The replacement pipeline system will closely follow the existing route, except for a proposed relocation around the City of Buellton, and will include a number of operational and safety features to meet or exceed local, state and federal requirements.

Utilizing the existing route minimizes additional impacts to people and the environment, as the existing route was previously cleared and disturbed during construction of the existing pipelines.

Additionally, recent biological and cultural studies of the existing route were used to identify minor relocations or changes in installation technology that would further reduce the impact of constructing the replacement pipeline on ecologically sensitive or populated areas. 

Plains will work with the appropriate government agencies and participate in the state’s comprehensive permitting process, which is designed to protect the interests of the community and safeguard the environment. This includes the preparation and submittal of documents as required under CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) and NEPA (National Environmental Protection Act), which also includes multiple opportunities for public involvement.

The existing pipeline was supported by Santa Barbara County as the safest alternative to transport crude oil. Plains is committed to designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the replacement pipelines in a safe and reliable manner.